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Launch your exceptional iGaming business with a fully customisable and personalised platform – integrating seamless iGaming experiences, advanced analytics, exceptional content diversity, and more.

Why WA.Platform?

WA.Platform effortlessly blends personalisation and expert localisation, addressing key challenges such as user engagement, acquisition, and retention.

The WA.Platform offers a distinct edge thanks to its full spectrum of business intelligence tools, tailored design, game management, and rigorous security protocols, ensuring an optimised, secure gaming experience.


Powered by WA.PLATFORM

WA.Platform guarantees specialised solutions to target specific markets and users, positioning operators for success in the iGaming world.

Global reach

In-depth local insight

Complete customization

210+ Operators

Cutting-Edge Features for Unmatched Performance

Tailored & Personalised with AI

  • Active collaboration and bespoke service to meet clients' strategic goals.
  • Personalised gamification for outstanding interaction.
  • Intuitive customisation for enhanced engagement.
  • AI-driven adaptable solutions for market and player-specific challenges.
  • Specialised expertise and content strategies for diverse markets.

Advanced BI Reporting Suite

  • Fully optimised BI reporting suite with operational intuition.
  • Interactive, customisable dashboards for real-time data.
  • Strategic support through data-driven insights and real-time data analysis.
  • Comprehensive risk mitigation and profit maximisation tools.
  • Fresh approach to performance metrics evaluation.

Enhanced Technology

  • AI-driven adaptability for personalised gaming experiences.
  • Market-specific content management systems.
  • Support for 6,800+ games from 75+ providers.
  • Integrated mobile, retail, and online gaming.
  • Global presence with local insights for resonant content delivery.

Stringent Security

  • Upgraded security protocols for data protection.
  • Adherence to the highest standards of data integrity.
  • Continuous updates to meet evolving security standards.
  • Robust framework for safeguarding iGaming operations.
  • Regulatory experts across all jurisdictions.
  • New Regulatory Certifications

Intelligent & Customised Dashboard

  • Unequalled flexibility and precision crafting of product customisation.
  • Consistent brand identity across all verticals.
  • Aesthetic appeal and functional clarity at brand and player levels.
  • Continuous UX/UI enhancements and user-friendly interface.
  • Comprehensive site editing and building tools for effortless design.

Superior Customer Management System

  • Centralised evaluation of multidisciplinary team operations.
  • Intuitive, dedicated access for each product.
  • Streamlined management processes for efficiency.
  • Unified back-office with single sign-on and boosted bonus engine.
  • Powerful tools for optimal product performance.

iGaming Platform Solutions

Unlock a world of iGaming possibilities with WA.Technology. Explore unique, tailored turnkey solutions and flawless API integration, each designed to propel your business to success

Turnkey Solutions

Embark on a journey to iGaming triumph with our made-to-measure turnkey solutions – a custom-built solution perfectly tailored to your needs for enhanced player engagement.

Integrated Solutions

Elevate your existing platform with our bespoke API integrated solution – faultless integration, multiple gaming options, and independent front-end design for increased user interaction.

Exceptional Managed Services with WA.Platform

Elevate your iGaming business with WA.Platform's comprehensive managed services designed to streamline operations and enhance player satisfaction. Dedicated account managers actively engage with clients’ strategic goals for lasting success at peak efficiency.

Responsive Player Support
Round-the-clock customer assistance offers consistent, high-quality user experience and player engagement.
Advanced Fraud Prevention
State-of-the-art fraud detection and advanced security measures provide a secure gaming environment to safeguard your platform and players.
Exclusive VIP Care
Customised services for high-value players, ensuring personalised care and retention of your most important customers.
Engagement & Retention Strategies
Dynamic strategies and tools designed to maintain player interest and encourage repeat visits, driving long-term platform success.
Effective Player Reactivation
Targeted initiatives to rekindle interest among dormant users, maximising your player base.
Skilled Content Management
Expert game content management, ensuring a fresh, appealing, and constantly evolving gaming portfolio.

Advanced Back Office & Reporting

WA.Platform’s back office redefines operational efficiency for streamlined management processes and optimal platform performance. Intuitive access for each product and smooth control with comprehensive tools provide performance insights. With a focus on ease of use, real-time data access, and detailed analytics, our back office ensures operators have all they need for adept and effective management.

Main Features

Fully optimised BI reporting suite and strategic decision-making support

Interactive, customisable dashboards for real-time data analysis and performance metrics

Real-time monitoring of player activity and affiliate transactions.

Comprehensive risk mitigation and profit maximisation tools.

User-friendly interface and integrated tools for comprehensive platform control.

Reporting & Business Intelligence Tools

Advanced BI tools for deep data, player analysis, and insights

Customisable reporting for tailored operational reviews

Real-time data for informed decision-making

Detailed player and game performance analytics.

Streamlined access to critical KPIs and metrics

Content Management System (CMS)

Intuitive CMS for effortless content updates and management

Progressive AI for market-specific content management.

Flexible content presentation tailored to market needs

Logical management of mobile and web gaming content

Targeted player engagement strategies

Front Office Excellence & Customisation

WA.Platform’s meticulously designed front office prioritises client needs, offering complete customisation and a client-centric approach. WA.Platform allows operators to create distinctive, market-specific gaming experiences, ensuring brand and player-level personalisation at every turn.

    Tailor-Made Design & Brand Customisation

    • Superior design tailored to client specifications.
    • Clear market differentiation and conversion through customised elements.
    • Flexibility in personalisation for unique player engagement.
    • Bespoke designs for individual brand identity and market appeal.
    • Precise alignment with clients’ brand vision.

    Flexible Product Customisation.

    • Wide-ranging options for customisation across all products.
    • Unique and memorable gaming experiences for diverse markets.
    • Tailored bonus systems and personal gamification features.
    • Individual player journeys for unique interactions.
    • Bespoke functionality to meet specific clients’ needs.
    • Unrivalled flexibility to tailor every aspect for a unique and memorable experience for individual users.

    Portfolio & Turnkey Solution

    • Showcase of turnkey online casinos with individualised design.
    • Custom functionality to meet diverse operational needs.
    • Personalised gamification and bespoke bonus systems for enhanced player experience.
    • Turnkey solutions offer complete control from front-end to back-end operations.

    Explore the full capabilities of our front office and customisation services on our comprehensive Turnkey Solutions page.

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