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November 10, 2023

Welcome to this week’s WA.Technology weekly newsletter, full of exciting and thought-provoking facts for your five-minute iGaming reading break! This week, we bring you a special Brazilian edition with the hottest news directly from the heart of Latam. Enjoy!

Brazil Advances with Regulatory Framework for Sports Betting, Emphasizing Integrity and Social Responsibility

In a significant move towards the modernisation of sports betting, as reported by iGaming Brazil, the Sports Commission (CEsp) has given the green light to a bill on November 8th that aims to regulate sports betting in Brazil. Championed by Senator Romário, PL 3,626/2023 is now under review by the Economic Affairs Committee (CAE) before it heads to the Plenary for further discussion. This bill proposes to update existing laws from 1971 and 2018, accommodating the growing market for fixed-odd bets on virtual and real sports events. The bill presents a framework that allows for physical ticket purchases and online betting, with detailed conditions for operation and oversight by the Ministry of Finance. The authorisation process for betting operators is stringent, emphasising cybersecurity, internal controls, and anti-fraud measures. Moreover, the bill carves out a niche for fantasy sports, liberating it from lottery regulations and authorisations.

The legislation is designed with safeguards, mandating clear visibility of authorisation details and stringent advertising guidelines that discourage irresponsible gambling. Focused on integrity, the bill sets out measures to combat corruption in sports and delineates who is prohibited from betting to maintain fairness. The revenue distribution is conscientiously planned, with allocations to social security, sports, tourism, education, and health sectors, demonstrating a commitment to the social welfare of Brazilians. Senator Romário has adjusted the bill to enhance support for the sports sector and direct funds towards preventive health measures related to gambling. PL 3,626/2023 represents a comprehensive effort to regulate sports betting responsibly, ensuring the sector's growth matches societal safeguards and contributions.

Rio Grande do Sul Eyes iGaming Regulation and Economic Boost

Governor Eduardo Leite of Rio Grande do Sul State has taken significant strides towards iGaming regulation by engaging with industry experts, including IBJR's Andre Gelfi and KTO Group's Andreas Bardun. Their meeting coincided with the launch of a legislative subcommittee aiming to regulate the betting sector, a move that Gelfi believes could catalyse economic progress for the state. With Lotergs, the region's lottery, set to manage sports betting, the future looks promising for regulated iGaming in Rio Grande do Sul.

Gelfi cautioned that high taxes may drive operators underground, jeopardising expected government revenues. He advocates for a balanced tax approach to nurture the industry's vitality and ensure mutual benefits. However, he remained optimistic, stating on the Games Magazine Brasil website that, as the state had the longest-running lottery in Brazil (Lotergs), “ She will have a leading role in managing the sports betting operation in the state.”

Paraná State Lotteries Spearhead Secure Sports Betting Integration 

Lottopar, Paraná’s state lottery authority, is leading the charge in securely assimilating sports betting operations within its jurisdiction. This compulsory integration for legally operating companies is a strategic move to bolster operational safety. A trio of authorised firms is progressing through the integration process, with one nearing completion and the others not far behind, as reported by Lottopar's website. This initiative enables Lottopar to conduct real-time supervision of betting activities, effectively clamping down on fraud and other illicit activities that threaten the industry's integrity.

Lottopar's influence extends beyond regulation, with planned investments in public safety, housing, and social programs from the betting revenue. Additionally, an educational campaign is set to enlighten Paraná's betting community on the operations of Lottopar, promoting the use of sanctioned platforms and reinforcing responsible gambling practices.

Paraná's Path to Prosperity: How Gambling Could Revolutionize Tourism

In a dynamic convergence of public and private sector leaders, the 5th Metropolitan Tourism Forum, steered by ADETUR Rotas do Pinhão and the Tourism Institute of Curitiba, unveiled the transformative potential of gambling for Paraná's tourism. The forum on October 31st at Capela Santa Maria featured 215 key figures deliberating over the Smart Tourist Destinations (DTI) concept. With sustainability and technological integration at its core, the DTI initiative aims to elevate visitor experiences and enhance local livelihoods through strategic planning and investment in tourism.

The event's highlight was Bruno Omori's address, which painted a future enriched by integrating casinos and bingos into Paraná's tourism fabric. Projections show a significant impact on GDP and exports from world tourism, with Paraná poised to become a national and international investment hub with the passage of gaming legislation. Discussions with tourism secretary Marcio Nunes and various meetings underscored the commitment to boosting hotel occupancy and positioning Curitiba as a DTI reference city, with integrated resorts and casinos bolstering the economic landscape, as reported in iGaming Brazil.

Brazil's Volleyball Season Launched with Thrilling Bet7k Supercup Showdown

The Bet7k Supercup was the highlight of November 9th, bringing the thrill of Brazil's volleyball season to a fiery start at Belo Horizonte's Arena Hall. Past champions Sada Cruzeiro and Copa Brasil finalists Farma Conde São José faced off in an epic encounter, initiating the men's club competition. The battle was not just a contest of skills but also a testament to the sport's rich tradition in the nation. Sada Cruzeiro, eager to expand their trophy cabinet, was reinforced by the experienced libero Alê Elias, adding a strategic depth to their already formidable lineup.

This year's Supercup gained additional significance, with Bet7k stepping in as the new sponsor, as reported by iGaming Brazil, marking a new chapter in the commercial evolution of Brazilian volleyball. The Brazilian Volleyball Confederation expressed pride in this partnership, anticipating a boost in the sport's commercial appeal and fan engagement. As the teams left their heart on the court, the event transcended the game, signalling a leap forward for the volleyball community and setting a precedent for future tournaments. The exciting match resulted in victory for Farma Conde São José as reigning champions for the first time. The São José dos Campos team beat Sada Cruzeiro 3 x 2 (26/24; 23/25; 25/21; 20/25 and 15/13) on 9 November, with Pointer Ademar voted as best on the court taking home the Viva Vôlei trophy.

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