WA.Technology Celebrates Success at SiGMA Europe

SiGMA Europe 2023, unfolding at the picturesque Malta Mediterranean Maritime Hub, marked a watershed moment in the iGaming industry's history. This year's conference was a dazzling showcase, with attendance numbers tripling compared to the previous year. Eman Pulis, founder of SiGMA World, successfully spearheaded the decision to host the event within the historic Valletta Port rather than relocating to another country. The transformation of this waterside venue into a bustling hub of iGaming activity set the stage for SiGMA to host its largest-ever conference in breathtaking Malta, a gem in the Mediterranean.

The event drew over 800 sponsors and exhibitors and WA.Technology stood out with its notable showcase. The venue was a hive of activity, teeming with 25,000 delegates, over 250 leaders and prominent industry speakers. SiGMA Europe 2023 cemented SiGMA’s status as an indispensable gathering for industry professionals. The new venue received an overwhelmingly positive response from industry professionals and the local community, with local businesses ranging from boutique hoteliers to exquisite restaurants and local suppliers benefitting from the conference's success and the vibrant energy it brought to the heart of Malta.

Beyond Business – Cultural and Networking Highlights

As part of the exciting week, WA.Technology's Brazilian Picanha Night unfolded as a spectacular celebration of the collective achievements of the company and its partners and clients. Welcoming over 200 esteemed guests, Gululu Restaurant was transformed into a Latin American carnival of samba beats. Speciality chefs masterfully prepared a Brazilian culinary feast complemented by handcrafted cachaça cocktails, embodying the spirit of Brazil. The evening celebrated this year's resounding success and forged stronger bonds within the iGaming community, setting a new benchmark for excellence and camaraderie.

WA.Technology's transformation of a luxury yacht – one of only two at the event – into an exclusive space was a highlight that showcased the company’s creativity and growing presence. The specially commissioned vessel, decorated in WA.Technology's eye-catching branding, provided a sophisticated yet inviting atmosphere for networking and celebrating industry milestones. It was a hub for fostering partnerships and learning, reflecting WA.Technology's commitment to excellence and industry leadership.

WA.Technology – A Beacon of Innovation in Malta

WA.Technology offers a full spectrum of iGaming platform solutions, covering all aspects that any new or established iGaming brand needs, providing the platform and the services to enable clients to monetise their websites successfully. SiGMA Europe was the ideal opportunity for WA.Technology to distinguish itself and stand out from the crowd with its rich branding palette.

WA.Technology's innovative products, solutions, and services include the state-of-the-art WA.Platform, tailor-made turnkey solutions, and expert-managed services. One of the company’s focus areas is emerging markets. The experienced WA.Technology team, with decades of combined experience in the industry, is well-versed in the more profound understanding of the challenges involved. Local knowledge is a core attribute of the team, strengthened by its dedicated account managers, which is why the company has been so successful in Latam, specifically in Brazil.

Alongside local knowledge, WA.Technology prioritises scalability and informed data analysis. Being able to offer scalability to keep up with the demands of large or new markets requires informed and continuous data analysis that can perfect and streamline marketing attributes to drive customers to platforms. 

Highlights also include various other verticals that enhance engagement and retention and provide longevity for creating established brands. The latest high-powered sportsbook product from WA.Sports, the constant new casino provision, an entire lottery suite, and the growing number of thrilling fantasy options from WA.Fantasy, such as the latest fantasy platform, B2B Daily Fantasy Sports Network (DFS), are just a few options for clients. Overall, SiGMA Europe 2023 reinforced WA.Technology’s position as a leader in forward-thinking iGaming developments with a solid commitment to advancing within the industry.

Tim Scoffham, CEO of WA.Technology, said, "We're extremely proud of our team's outstanding performance at SiGMA Europe 2023. Our particular expertise in markets like Brazil, rooted in on-the-ground knowledge and the delivery of tailored, niche content, is a key reason for our success this year. SiGMA was a testament to our industry leadership, providing excellent opportunities for connections. It was a prime venue to highlight our upcoming projects and unique qualities."

Check out WA.Technology's vibrant SiGMA Europe showreel that captures the essence of the exciting event.

WA.Technology’s Vision Post-SiGMA Europe

The event set a new benchmark for WA.Technology. The team eagerly anticipate the next opportunity to showcase its prowess and contribute to the evolving iGaming landscape with continued growth for its clients. Having already taken Brazil by storm, it won’t be long until Latam and the rest of the global market see WA.Technology established as a leading name in the sector.

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About WA.Technology

WA.Technology is a B2B iGaming solutions provider offering state-of-the-art iGaming WA.Platform, bespoke turnkey solution, standalone products, and expert-managed services across the casino, sports, fantasy, lottery, and poker verticals. 

WA.Platform is a fully scalable and customisable solution with 75+ game providers, 6400+ games, and 80+ payment methods. For more information, please visit watechnology.com or contact us at hello@watechnology.com.

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