WeAreGame Powered Platform Brand, Pixbet Secures Sports Betting Approval in Rio, Brazil

The fantastic news was announced on Wednesday 14  June 2023, that Pixbet – powered by WeAreGame's iGaming platform solution –  was approved by Loterj in the first stage of the Accreditation for Sports Betting.

Accreditation for Sports Betting Approved

Big-name Brazilian brand Pixbet – which has WeAreGame as its driving force – has officially been approved by Loterj, the Permanent Bidding Committee of the Lottery of the State of Rio de Janeiro

The news was announced on the official Municipality website and shared across the Loterj social media pages. It’s the first stage of official Accreditation for Sports Betting, and the Loterj Accreditation Notice is the first to authorise a Brazilian sports betting service. 

Pixbet is a household name in Brazil, and the brand goes hand-in-hand with sports in the Latam market. Pixbet supports over fifteen sports clubs and brands, including Clube de Regatas do Flamengo in Série A.

WeAreGame’s state-of-the-art iGaming platform, WeAre Platform, is responsible for powering several Pixbet services and products for the successful brand, including PixBet Fantasy 5, a third thrilling fantasy football game, our outstanding video product PixBet.tv, and the Free-to-Play (FTP) site PixJogos.

WeAreGame is proud to be the platform provider of Pixbet and we wish everyone at Pixbet the best of luck in further solidifying their position as the go-to brand for sports betting in Brazil.

Success in Brazil

WeAreGame specialises in Brazilian iGaming. If you want to know more about how we can help you start up your own Brazilian iGaming business, or expand your current brand with our products, services, and solutions, drop us a line at: hello@weare.game 

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